Sep 27, 2007

Round Two

I'm applying to grad school again. Last year I was rejected because I applied to a program I wasn't qualified for. So I asked myself, "Why not do it again, just for fun?"

To which I protested, "No, no, it was too easy last time. This time you need to apply to something for which you are so supremely underqualified that it's laughable--a math program, say."

"I'm skeptical," I said. "I know less math than most high-school seniors."

"Exactly. You will work hard all year to fulfill the requirements, fail to do so, then get rejected again. That'll prepare you for 2009, when you can apply to and get rejected from a Ph.D. program in, say, applied thermodynamics."

"Oh, what the hell."

Which just about summarizes my life right now, with the exception of a multitude of parties. But the parties seem too boring to write about today--even more boring than grad school. So here are some more pictures from Milwaukee and Chicago.

Milwaukee: (gl)asses, because I'm secretly 12 years old

Milwaukee: bored self-portrait while M. rummaged joyfully through someone's record collection

Milwaukee: yum!

Chicago: we're in there somewhere

Chicago: the great rib massacre of '07

Sep 14, 2007

Love Letter

I was starting to write a "real" post, but my browser crashed and it's all gone now.

Instead, here are pictures of a note that M. found tucked into an old record that he bought from an online record dealer somewhere on the other side of the country.

If you're at all squeamish, or don't feel like being a voyeur to a complete stranger's wildly un-sexy effort at a "love" letter, then don't read on: