Nov 10, 2008

Dispatch from Unreal America

Flux? Glacial, for the most part. I hate writing the kinds of posts where I list what I've been doing, get lost in anecdotes, save a file, return to it days later when it looks like old news, and dispose of it accordingly. So I won't even try this time.

I've never seen anything like the streets of San Francisco on the night of November 4. When I left the election-watching bbq at around 11pm there was a wild street party in front of every open liquor store. I tried to get home but instead ran into almost everyone I know. Old roommates, M.'s friends, the skinny hippie who works at the pie shop where we do our math homework. Someone uncorked a bottle of champagne from a nearby roof and showered us with bubbles. Hundreds of godless liberal unwashed unreal Americans hugged strangers, waved American flags, set off fireworks, and chanted "USA, USA." It was truly bizarre, but it was hard to avoid being swept up in the moment.

Well, it was hard for me anyway. M. was off his meds again and more than willing to temper the celebrations with realism. "That drum circle is annoying." Yes, true. "This street party is lame." Yeah, I suppose it could be better... "All these people are going to hate Obama as soon as he's in office and has to make compromises." True as well, but we can think about that tomorrow.

Another reason for celebration: M. and I were broke by the day of the election, I mean counting-quarters-for-coffee broke. But we had bet actual money on an Obama win on Intrade a while back, at the height of McCain's Palin-Convention bounce, the one time this year when his odds were just shy of 50/50. I don't care if all these SF kids hate him by January 20; we made 500 bucks! Now that's change I can believe in.